Space Junk

For some reason, I find it humorous that there are approximately currently 13,000 pieces of space junk floating around the earth…. The latest from the Associated Press:

It’s not easy holding on to a small bag some 200 miles above Earth.

Astronaut Heidemarie Stefanyshyn-Piper proved that Tuesday when she accidentally
let go of her tool bag after a grease gun inside it exploded outside the international space station. The tote bag, containing two grease guns, a putty knife and cloth mitts, was one of the largest items ever to be lost by a spacewalker.

But Stefanyshyn-Piper isn’t the first person to drop something in space. Bulky gloves and weightlessness have led to a history of some clumsy moments at NASA. Here are some recent examples of astronauts accidentally adding to the thousands of pieces of junk already in space:

  • During a September 2006 spacewalk, astronaut Joe Tanner, working outside the space station with Stefanyshyn-Piper, accidentally released a bolt, spring and washer.
  • During a July 2006 spacewalk, astronauts Piers Sellers and Michael Fossum lost a 14-inch spatula while testing a method to repair the space shuttle.
  • During a March 2001 spacewalk to mount important equipment to the international space station, a foot attachment used to anchor spacewalkers to the end of the space shuttle Discovery’s robotic arm managed to float free from astronaut Jim Voss and was lost in space. Later in the mission, Discovery’s thrusters had to be fired to move the spacecraft to a higher orbit to dodge the menacing piece of space junk.

‘Joker’ sentenced to 1 day in jail

Now this is just classic… I would buy this guy a beer  😛  from Yahoo News

CENTREVILLE, Mich. – A man accused of trying to steal a large Batman movie poster from a cinema lobby while dressed as the Joker has pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor charge of malicious destruction of property.

Twenty-year-old Spencer Taylor entered the plea Wednesday in St. Joseph County District Court. A judge ordered him to serve one day in jail, perform 16 hours of community service and pay $685 in fines. Charges of attempted larceny in a building and using a mask to conceal his identity during the commission of a crime were dismissed as part of Taylor’s plea agreement.

Three Rivers police say he was wearing a purple suit, green wig and face paint when they arrested him on July 27.