My Smartphone Woes

While my Moto Q with Windows Mobile 5 seems to be the snazziest and most pda resourceful phone I have ever had, there has also been woes come along with it.


Windows mobile DOES NOT support the following, contrary to popular belief

  • JAVA
  • Flash
  • Office Mobile (Word, Excel, Powerpoint)
  • GPS

What is included are Office Mobile viewers. These enable you to open and view documents, spreadsheets, and presentations without the option to edit or create new files. There are alternatives in minor form such as Documents to Go, SharpXT, and Mobile Wordpad.

JAVA is possible via a JAVA emulator. While this does not function for gaming (even games with the correct 320×240 landscape resolution), this does enable us to run Opera Mini 4 nicely, and other applications that may suffer other issues.

There is a Flash hack…. I would not recommend it at all.

While developer codes allow you to enable GPS settings, there is no true GPS support (even in Google Maps). The GPS function is solely programmed for 911 communication only.


Hardware wise, I have experienced other issues

  • My battery dies within 8 hours of no use, even after the official Motorola update that supposedly fixes battery and power issues
  • Pressing “Down” on my direction pad several times results in my model trying to dial the digit 8
  • Many other users have had many other issues. So far the best fix is to submit your Moto Q for repair, resulting most likely in a replacement.


All of this started shortly (one month) before Sprint announced the discontinuation of the Moto Q and Q9c models, shortly followed by Verizon Wireless. My warranty is extended, and I am unable to get a discount on a phone for another year.

It seems to be that my only hope could be that my phone does malfunction fully and there are no more Moto Q’s available for replacement, where as I may get the option to switch to a Palm based phone as an alternative.

Carpe diem: let the buyer beware. I DO NOT recommend this model for both hardware and software issues.