Wubi: Try Linux WITHOUT Leaving Windows

Are you curious about Linux and Ubuntu? Trying them out has never been easier! Download Wubi at the official site!

Wubi is an officially supported Ubuntu installer for Windows users that can bring you to the Linux world with a single click. Wubi allows you to install and uninstall Ubuntu as any other Windows application, in a simple and safe way.

Wubi is Simple

No need to burn a CD. Just run the installer, enter a password for the new account, and click “Install”, go grab a coffee, and when you are back, Ubuntu will be ready for you.

Wubi is Safe

You keep Windows as it is, Wubi only adds an extra option to boot into Ubuntu. Wubi does not require you to modify the partitions of your PC, or to use a different bootloader, and does not install special drivers.
It works just like any other application. Wubi is spyware and malware free, and being open source, anyone can verify that.

Wubi is Discrete

Wubi keeps most of the files in one folder, and if you do not like it, you can simply uninstall it as any other application.

Wubi is Free

Wubi and Ubuntu cost absolutely nothing (free as in beer), but yet provide a state of the art, fully functional, operating system that does not require any activation and does not impose any restriction on its use (free as in freedom).


Codeweaver Crises

Do you remember when K-Mart tried to boost revenue by offering free internet service? Well, in return it drove the corporation to bankruptcy. While free service seemed like a great idea, many people ran to the occasion causing much more costs than intended for K-Mart. The same has seemed to happen with software maker Codeweavers….

From Download Squad: It sure seemed like a good idea. CodeWeavers, the makers of CrossOver software that lets you run Windows applications like MS Outlook or games like Half Life on Mac andLinux machines, held a tongue-in-cheek promotion where the company promised to give away free copies of its software if one of a number of economic goals were met in the US. While it’s likely that the US government had little to do with the recent dip in gas prices, this week CodeWeavers decided that $2.79 gas meant it was time to give away a copy of CrossOver to anyone who wanted it within a 24 hour period.

And then all heck broke loose. The story made the front page of Digg and was reported on countless tech blogs. The CodeWeavers website crashed, although the company quickly got the download links back online. When the smoke cleared, the company gave away about 750,000 copies of its software. Let’s
let that sink in for a second here. A company that many people may not have even known existed, had its software downloaded three quarters of a million times in one day. CodeWeavers sent an email this week stating that the move expands the company’s customer base by 400%. The value of the free software given away tops $45 million.

In other words, the whole thing might have backfired and ruined the company’s bottom line. On the other hand, it could be awesome news in the long run for CodeWeavers. A whole lot of people who weren’t aware
of the software are now potential customers. Many of the people who downloaded free copies may not really wind up using it, but those who do may decide to upgrade when a new version is available or pay for
another year of support when the 1 year of free support expires in a year.

Still, CodeWeavers has decided to cancel the promotion going forward. There had been plans to do another giveaway if housing prices fell, US job numbers went up, or Osama Bin Laden was captured. But that just
doesn’t seem like a good idea anymore.

Linux: Join a Windows Workgroup in Ubuntu

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Upon recently deploying Linux (Ubuntu v4.10 beta), the first task I had in mind was to be able to network with my Windows workstations. I had no problem what so ever connecting to the computers in my home, but I could not figure out how to actually join the MSHOME group. Come to find, it is an easy task…. Laughable once figure out

To join a Windows Workgroup (MSHOME, etc)
  1. Go to the “System” menu
  2. Go to “Administration
  3. Select “Network
  4. Go to the “General” tab
  • Host Name: What you want your computer to be named on the network
  • Domain: equivilant to WORKGROUP in Windows. Put your workgroupo here (ex: MSHOME)

Linux: gOS 3

gOS (Google Operating System) is many things compared to other Linux distributions. It is user friendly. It is packed with free programs. It is stable. It is secure. It is fast. Even more noticeable already is that it is the best operating system to clone and feel like Mac OS X. Aside from the Mac feel and Linux key points, gOS is widget driven.

Out of the box, gOS showcases Google Widgets including gMail, calendar, documents, desktop engine, Google gears, and more, to seamlessly integrate the web to your desktop. Also within the initial installation comes the WINE (to run Windows applications within Linux), OpenOffice Suite, Skype, Firefox, and more.

gOS can be ran from a CD without even installing to your computer. You always have the option of installing to your computer anytime.

Here is a little info for those with more than average Linux knowledge. gOS can install many more applications due to being based on Ubuntu, meaning that Ubuntu repositories and themes will install in gOS without issues. Unlike the common formats of desktop engines in the UNIX universe being KDE and GNOME, gOS showcases a combination of GNOME, Compiz Fusion, the Avant Window Navigator, and a bit of Enlightenment E17 code.

gOS also released a version earlier this year sporting MySpace entitled “gOS Space“.

Download gOS 3 @ http://thinkgos.com/new/dgadgets.php

Download gOS Space @ http://thinkgos.com/new/gos-space.php

Portable Linux: NimbleX

Not often do I speak or write or Linux variations at all, as I feel that if some one had any interests in Linux that they would already be well aware of the recent developments. However, this one is more geared toward those who have no idea what Linux is. Source: Download Squad

Download NimbleX for free at http://nimblex.net/

How much awesome can you cram into a 200MB live CD? A whole lot. NimbleX comes with 550 packages preinstalled, and you’ll find the usual Linux apps here: Firefox, K3B, XMMS, MPlayer, Gimp, Kopete, Transmission, Klam AV, and K Office, to name a few. Boot times are wicked fast, even from CD, and installation to a hard drive or USB flash drive is dead simple.

Desktop performance is equally impressive, even on our shabbily-equipped VirtualBox setup (256MB memory, 8MB video, 8GB hard drive). On that note, it’s worth mentioning that NimbleX also comes with VirtualBox installed just in case you decide you want to get Windows XP running in it.NimbleX is built on Slackware, which means you’ll be running one of the most solid, secure distros out there (here come the arguments from hardcore Linux users). Hardware support is excellent, and Bluetooth works out-of-the-box. Don’t like the default KDE 4 environment? Enlightenment 17, Enlightenment 16, EDE, IceWM, Fluxbox, Openbox and TWM are also included.

If that’s not enough, you can customize your own ISO on their website. Check a few boxes to specify what you want to do with your install, and you’re given tons of optional components to add to your ISO. OpenOffice, Wine, Blender – you name it, you can add it. It’s an unbelievably cool way to get your hands on a Linux live CD that has exactly the apps you want. For 200MB, the average person looking to try Linux will be hard pressed to find a nicer distro.