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Direct X 11 Details

My thoughts: Less and less do I find myself paying any care (or money) to developers latest projects…. as I feel I have wasted enough interests and money already on poor technologies…. but this from Tweak Guides:

Microsoft has officially announced details of DirectX 11.0, the successor to the current DirectX 10 API. DirectX 11.0 will be backwards compatible with DX 10/10.1 hardware, will be Vista-only, and will allow for a range of additional features including support for tessellation, multi-threaded resource handling improvements and use of the GPU as a parallel processor. A release date is not yet provided.

Encryption Chip Will End Piracy, Says Atari Founder

At yesterday’s Wedbush Morgan Securities conference, Atari founder Nolan Bushnell claimed that a stealth encryption chip will “absolutely stop piracy of [PC] gameplay.” “There is a stealth encryption chip called a TPM that is going on the motherboards of most of the computers that are coming out now,” explained Bushnell, according to a GamesIndustry report.

“What that says is that in the games business we will be able to encrypt with an absolutely verifiable private key in the encryption world–which is uncrackable by people on the internet and by giving away passwords–which will allow for a huge market to develop in some of the areas where piracy has been a real problem.” Piracy has been a hot-button issue in the PC gaming industry for some time now, with renowned PC developers such as Crytek, id, and Epic claiming that the high rate of pirated PC software forced them to put games on other platforms.

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MySpace and Valve Open to Small Developers

In general, the world is evolving and leading developers are opening up to small time developers big time in the mist of recession. The web and applications are becoming more open source every day.

On February 5, MySpace will open its system to developers so that they can begin building applications (similar to Facebook applications). MySpace intends to offer advertisement-revenue sharing to developers while avoiding the feed/request pollution that Facebook has. If you want to write apps for MySpace, you can pre-register on their developer site now.

Valve reveals Steamworks for Developers.  Steamworks will provide game services, development tools, and retail backend services for free. Steamworks can be used whether a game is distributed digitally via Steam or in traditional retail stores. This will open up revenue share for amatuer developers wishing to distribute their games and applications via the Steam network.