My Xbox 360 Annoyances

After years of upgrading my computer and getting fed up with poor development, I have decided that I truly want an Xbox 360.

So I bought one.

For a total of $160 cash I was able to fetch myself an Xbox 360 Arcade with GTA IV included from Craigs List. So I total the savings here to be approx $110 so far from retail.

The console ended up being in flawless condition as it had only been played for 2 months. I was able to register my system and saw that I still have 10 months of the OEM warranty left, but also the option to secure my warranty for another 2 years for only $60. This I am sure to want, because of the infamous system failures (red ring of death, overheating, etc) surrounding the 360.

I do not yet have a hard drive but am realizing every hour that it is a necessity for Xbox titles (can you say Counter-Strike?), multiplayer map packs, additional content, and even themes. But at this time I have ended up lucky, as Microsoft is directly offering the 20 GB drive upgrade and 3 months of Xbox Live Gold for only $30  😛  Of course, I may buy the 20 GB, use the 3 months of Gold, buy a 120 GB, and sell the 20 GB to some poor soul that may need it.

Once turning on the console, I am greeted to a snazzy GUI, with links to systems functionality, media components, and of course game stats.

Now for the downfalls….

Once logging in to Xbox Live, I feel that my system has downloaded a bunch of spam trying to convince me to buy tons of other shit…. So much that I have a hard time finding the menu where I select to actually play a game. Some of the spam includes videos (advertisements mostly but there are some reviews), marketplace (to purchse Xbox originals, Xbox Live Arcade titles, and additional game content), and even themes and avatar specials (yes you must buy the nice themes and clothing).

It seems that the first thing any game I have tried yet (GTA IV, GRID, GRAW, Two Worlds) always wants to update before ever playing. I am not sure what these updates offer, possibly fixes.

Trying to communicate to friends with with a USB keyboard in text mode is utterly impossible thanks to the interface. My guess is that this is trying to promote the Xbox headset, as oppose to our already existant USB based keyboards. This does piss me off, as I feel I shouldn’t be forced to buy more options when I have already spent so much money on what I do have.


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