DirectX 10 Software Rasterization Coming to W7

Microsoft has released details of the Windows Advanced Rasterization Platform (WARP), an option to be introduced in the DirectX implementation on Windows 7 that allows full DirectX 10 rendering using software-only rasterization. In other words it lets all rendering be done by the CPU, which although much, much slower than a dedicated graphics card, means any system will be able to run basic DX10 effects under Windows 7.

My thoughts: huh? CPU controlling DirectX…. Why do I not see the point in this? Maybe because I am tired of paying $400 for video cards to do graphics for me…

WARP10 has six key priorities:

  • Completing the Platform
  • Replaces the Need for Custom Software Rasterizers
  • Enabling Maximum Performance from Hardware
  • Enabling Rendering When Direct3D 10 Hardware Is Not Available
  • Leveraging Existing Resources for Software Rendering
  • Enabling Scenarios that don’t require Graphics Hardware

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