Economical Apocalypse

We are entering a scary era,on a wheeled mobile that keeps gaining speed without enough brake power to stop it.

The United States is trying to claw it’s way back to a stable stance, but is slowly falling apart more and more as time goes. Every week we are presented with a new crises, all of which have been brewing devlopments for some time. The truth is that the US is suffering from losses generated in the last year, which reminds me that a year from now will reflect what we are losing at the moment more clearly than our present time.

How much longer could the country possibly last in this shape?

Wall Street is a system that has no fault protection. But investors are too scared of the shape to worry about blame, especially on a day like today (the worst low since 2003). They fear that their bank accounts will be worthless when they leave the stock exchange, even though they may have 10 million dollars in cash under their bed.

“The Big Three” (Ford, GM) are cautiously panicking now, as they claim that they are on the verge of major collapse. Where as the big three used to dominate the nations financial system, investors could care less on what these automobile makers have to offer and how much strength their survival provides. The investors do not care that

  • U.S. auto companies employ nearly a quarter-million workers
  • more
    than 730,000 other people have jobs producing the materials and parts
    that go into cars
  • about 1 million on top of that work in dealerships
  • If just one of the auto giants were to go under, some
    estimates put U.S. job losses next year as high as 2.5 million.
  • and most American’s are not aware of these facts, nor that the automobile market does affect their lives.

Next week,  I am sure that the senate will be discussing a new bailout plan for a new disaster…. but how long will any of these bailout plans work before all financial resource is diminished or worthless?

*Sigh*  This brings me to technology. The world financial crises does affect the technology markets and developments. Intel has already reported major losses. Dell has reported quarter after quarter of losses. Game developers are closing offices to cut costs due to financial loss. EVERYTHING is falling apart, not just in the United States, but the world.

The reasons I write this is:

  • I am not sure that I will be able to afford internet next month.
  • I am not sure if my readers will be able to afford internet next month.
  • There is great technology to write about, but who can afford it?
  • There is great technology in development, but will the manufacturers be able to afford to put them in to the market in the coming months?

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