Red Alert 3 Bonus Content

I do not usually promote pirated wares, bypassing activations, or similar. However, I do truly feel that many gamers whom purchased the standard edition of Command and Conquer Red Alert 3 were cheated out of bonus material…. 10 maps to be exact. Therefore, I do feel that those gamers who did support the game whether it be a standard edition or a collectors edition do deserve to have these 10 maps. So here we go

There are a total of 10 official bonus maps in all 6 special editions of Red Alert 3.

  • Premier Edition Maps (5 Maps): Download (30.4MB)
  • Pre-Order Maps (1 Map): Download (5.4MB)
  • Best Buy Pre-Order Bonus (1Map): Download (5.9MB)
  • Gamestop Pre-Order Bonus (1 Map): Download (6.5MB)
  • EA Store Pre-Order Bonus (1 Map): Download (7.5MB)
  • Warhammer: Online Pre-Order bonus map (1 Map): Download (5.5MB)
  • Full torrent of all maps at the Pirate Bay: Download

Two updates have already been presented for the PC version. Patch 1.03 makes improvements for the multiplayer invite system to work more reliably. Version 1.02 fixes main menu sluggishness. The Xbox 360 build is on track for release on November 11. PS3 development build was halted in June, but will be revived and geared toward extra content, 1080p, and BluRay support in the coming months.

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