Team Fortress 2 dev SLASHED until 2009

Personal notes: While just spending $30 recently for Team Fortress 2, this sort of news highly pisses me off as a loyal buyer and fan of Valve for several years, actually since the WON era. I am strongly disappointed to see development halted due to working on another project, totally unrelated at that. I can only imaging how the Xbox 360 players feel cheated about the class update system. I was not interested in Left 4 Dead at first, and I wish it would never come now. The point of fucking over development was a bad decision, as the players suffer. That is far ok. I used to be a Battlefield player and EA supported. Now it looks as if I may have been a Valve supporter.

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Team Fortress 2

Team Fortress 2 won’t receive any more class updates until 2009, reports ShackNews. Valve marketing vice president Doug Lombardi confirmed, saying “it won’t be this year, but we’re going to keep evolving TF2. Once Left 4 Dead wraps, you’ll hear us clamoring more about [the next TF2 update].” There has been no word on what class is next in line for new loadout weapons.

The Team Fortress 2 blog has been implying a move like this lately, first stating that the development team was “moonlighting on Left 4 Dead,” and more recently commenting that the next class update is going “a little slower than we’d like.” Lombardi also reconfirmed that the previous updates to the Medic, Pyro, and Heavy will be coming to the 360, though no timeline has been set. This may sound disappointing, but at least both versions are getting updates eventually, unlike the PlayStation 3 which won’t be getting them at all.

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