General Tech Headlines

Dan Aykroyd told Dallas radio station 105.3 KLLI that Atari has indeed picked up the publishing rights for Ghostbusters, confirming rumors that have persisted since Activision declined to pick up the game following its merger with Vivendi. He has also reported that it would be atleast a year before development stirs.

Ubisoft has released detials on the DRM system included with Farcry 2: 5 activations on 3 separate PC’s. Also, uninstalling “refunds” an activation. They also claim they are committed to long term support so you can always play Far Cry 2.

What can be expected of the next Xbox revolution? According to sources, the third Xbox installment will be “Forward Compatible” which will provide graphical and performance updates to Xbox 360 titles. This ranges from increased draw distance, improved framerate, or perhaps even new DLC. This would be the equivalent of upgrading your PC video card to allow for higher graphical settings. This, of course, will only apply to games still in development for the 360.

What is happening in the Half-Life 2 world? Possibly Episode 3: Marketing director Doug Lombardi says announcement may arrive later this year, though game is still more than a year off.

In a similar move to Microsoft releasing Silverlight version 2, Adobe has released Version 10 of the Flash Player plugin for browsers.

Nvidia has released the Official Forceware 178.24 drivers for Windows XP and Vista. These drivers are for all GeForce 6,7,8,9 and 200 series cards. The driver package also contains the 8.09.04 PhysX drivers which were released with the 178.13 Forceware last month. The only changes in this driver over the previous 178.13 are some bug fixes.

The free Opera browser has been updated to Version 9.60. This is a security and stability update, and also contains a range of new features and settings.

The free VLC Media Player has been updated to Version 0.9.4

Valve has official sponsored mods via the Steam network. So far included are DIPRIP, Zombie Panic, Age of Chivary, and Synergy.

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