Google Chrome Has Landed

Yesterday brought a teaser concept of Google releasing a web browser. It was not specifying release dates or certainty of existance. We could only wonder if the concept was real and how many months away the release could enter beta release. Today brought the launch of the new browser, codenamed “Chrome”.

So far: I like Chrome. I like it for simplicity. I do like the fact that it imports my Firefox bookmarks, cookies, user names, and passwords. I do like searching from the address bar. I like Chrome.

While the interface and features do seem light compared to other browsers (Opera, Firefox), speed is light as well. The speed is comparable to Firefox and Safari for Windows. Maybe the subtraction of gadgets and add-ons keeps Google Chrome racing beyond other browsers. If so, I would recommend to Google to leave the clutter out in order to stay speedy.

Check out the video demonstration for Google Chrome:

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