Linux: gOS 3

gOS (Google Operating System) is many things compared to other Linux distributions. It is user friendly. It is packed with free programs. It is stable. It is secure. It is fast. Even more noticeable already is that it is the best operating system to clone and feel like Mac OS X. Aside from the Mac feel and Linux key points, gOS is widget driven.

Out of the box, gOS showcases Google Widgets including gMail, calendar, documents, desktop engine, Google gears, and more, to seamlessly integrate the web to your desktop. Also within the initial installation comes the WINE (to run Windows applications within Linux), OpenOffice Suite, Skype, Firefox, and more.

gOS can be ran from a CD without even installing to your computer. You always have the option of installing to your computer anytime.

Here is a little info for those with more than average Linux knowledge. gOS can install many more applications due to being based on Ubuntu, meaning that Ubuntu repositories and themes will install in gOS without issues. Unlike the common formats of desktop engines in the UNIX universe being KDE and GNOME, gOS showcases a combination of GNOME, Compiz Fusion, the Avant Window Navigator, and a bit of Enlightenment E17 code.

gOS also released a version earlier this year sporting MySpace entitled “gOS Space“.

Download gOS 3 @

Download gOS Space @

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