Free Games: Shooters

Continuing on my rambling of free games I introduce more today. While America’s Army and Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory have broke news widely upon release, there are still many other free and worthy games all over the net. While free titles may not feature quality graphics compared to today’s commercial titles, game play quality is the number one factor.

F.E.A.R. Combat

COMBAT is the multiplayer portion of the highly acclaimed PC shooter made free. Combat features 10 game modes, 19 maps, 12 weapons, anticheating-software support, and the ability to download user-created content (mods!). FEAR is graphic intesive so tune up Windows and update your video drivers. Simply register for a free cd key and download the client from the site to get started.




Once retail in Summer 2003 but now available for free, Savage mixes RTS (real time strategy) and fps (first person shooter) elements in to a single online experience.



Gunz: the Duel

Imagine the action of the Matrix mixed with the graphics of recent Final Fantasies…. Gunz.



Psi-Ops: The Mindgate Conspiracy

Once commercial for the Playstation 2, PSI-Ops is now on the PC for free. It is ad-supported but there are ways around that (search the download location).




Here is one for all of the cell-shader junkies. eXteel is a free2play title. Imagine the outfitting and environments of Mech Warrior, with the gameplay of Quake Wars complete with machin e and weapon customizations.


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