Hackentosh Releases

There have been several developments in the Hackentosh (aka OSX86) community lately.

JaS_10.5.4_options JaS has once again returned to the scene this week releasing Mac OS X Leopard version 10.5.4 Server. While OS X Server does limit the compatibility of many applications, alternatively the Client version can also be installed from the DVD. JaS is well known for quality releases featuring components for both legacy and modern machines. The new JaS Leopard contains Chameleon Loader, StageXNU (SSe2 / SSe3 kernel), NVKush (Nvidia extension), SMBIOS, SMBIOSResolver, all Radeon HD Series drivers, along with the standard drivers usually found in other Leopard installations. This release does not include any applications or modifications. See all options displayed in the picture to the right.

iDeneb debuts to OSX86 scene releasing Mac OS X Leopard version 10.5.4

iDeneb is a Mac OSX Leopard release modified to run on both Intel and AMD based machines. Highlights of this release include all updates up until Security Update 2008-005, the Chameleon boot loader, AMD patching, as well as the usual installation options (kernels, drivers). The Chameleon boot loader install on JMicron IDE DVD drives, or on SSE2 based processors.

As always: releases can be found at your favorite torrent directories.

2 Responses to “Hackentosh Releases”

  1. terry Says:

    Where can I get the software I need to begin a Hackentosh. I have been looking all over and am unable to locate it. What exactly do I need?

  2. Casey Andrews Says:

    No, no, no Terry son….

    Fortuately, I pop up as #2 in Google when searching for “Hackentosh” which is real cool…. All things have a catch: that is a little too popular to want to catch midst when Apple gets pissed big time and starts going over distribution centers (sites, blogs, torrent trackers, etc)……

    So, No: I do not feel it wise to directly link OSX distributions… However, here are some keywords to help the search (Google):


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