OS X: Carbon Copy Cloner

I am running a very smoothly detailed copy of Mac OS X already tailored to my needs. But now I am running out of hard drive space due to installing to a 30 GB hard drive to ensure stability.

What do I do ? Rather than reinstalling a fresh copy and updating and tweaking, I would much rather be able to clone the bootable partition to my large drive. Unfortunately, Norton Ghost and other Windows based clone tools do not recognize the OS X file system. My partitions are setup as:

  • A. ExtendedJournaled 80 GB (ideal to install OS X)
  • B. ExtendedJournaled 30 GB (ideal for Time Machine)
  • C. NTFS (ideal to install Windows Vista x32 with SP1)

To the rescue comes Carbon Copy Cloner (aka CCC), available for FREE at http://www.bombich.com

CCC is able to clone your working Mac partition and copy it to a new drive and still be bootable.

One Response to “OS X: Carbon Copy Cloner”

  1. Michael Breskin Says:

    Hi, I have an AMD build, I tried to clone my internal IDE Bootable Mac Leopard 10.5.4 drive – (two partitions, both bootable), to an external usb drive that i will then use internally.

    After cloning with CCC I then removed the external cloned drive from the usb enclosure, plugged it into my system internally but it would not boot.

    Can you please tell me what you did to get your cloned drive to boot and how you set up the cloning method.

    i.e. were both drives set up internally, or one drive externally, either firewire or usb, cloned from your internal drive, either ide or sata?

    Greatly appreciated.


    Michael Breskin
    email: michebre@optonline.net

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