Guide: Kalyway OS X and nForce 3

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As a guide to Hackentosh newcomers wishing to utilize OS X on an nforce3, I have decided to write about my trials of getting my nofrce3 to play nicely with OS X. My system consists of the following:

  • AMD Athlon 64 3200+ @ 2.4 GHz
  • Gigabyte K8NS with nForce3 250 chipset
  • nVidia GeForce 7900 GS OC AGP by eVga
  • 2048 mb of DDR 3200
  • 2 x 200 GB IDE HDD / 1 x 30 GB IDE HDD / 1 x 74 GB SATA HDD
  • Windows Vista x32 Ultimate Edition with SP1
  • Kalaway Leopard v10.5.2

After many attempts to get a bootable operating system… here I am!! I am blogging from ScribeFire for Firefox on Mac OS X Leopard πŸ˜›

The biggest problem I had faced during installation attempts was due to me having an nforce 3 chipset…. This was solved by useing the VIA SATA kext, along with totally leaving out the nforce package. My setup options were composed of:

  • BIOS: disable SATA during install
  • AMD Patch 1 + Legacy flag
  • sleepkernel
  • lastsmbios
  • All chipsets EXCEPT nforceata
  • forcedeth / network
  • ac97 / audio
  • nvinject 256 / vga
  • USB fix

After the initial setup has completed, I re-enabled SATA via the BIOS.

Boom! Worked without needing flags. The only fixes I had to apply were the PS2 controller permissions, as I am useing a PS2 keyboard combined with a usb mouse.

Upon getting used to my new configuration and testing the features for issues, I report the following

  • I applied the v10.5.4 Combo Update via Zephyroth’s ASU (AMD Software Update) with full success.
  • iCal and Chess are operable via Rosetta emulation (other wise they both crash)
  • “Software Update” updates iLife, iTunes, and Quiktime with success and full functionality
  • Photoshop CS2 and Lightroom 2 are fully functional
  • “About This Mac” works and reports the correct CPU speed
  • “System Profiler” fully functions
  • My NTFS drives are fully readable / writable via Paragon NTFS

7 Responses to “Guide: Kalyway OS X and nForce 3”

  1. Nick Says:

    Hey, followed your guide, and I got my amd/nforce3 machine working! Thank you! Now, how can I get os x installed on my sata hard drive? Is there a way I can move the installation on the ide drive to a different disk?

  2. Casey Andrews Says:

    Thanks Nick πŸ™‚ Glad it worked for you

    As for the SATA transfer, I was wondering the same thing…. I do have a 74 gb STA I would rather use and keep dedicated totally to OS X, but I have not had any luck with Disk utility / Create Disk Image.

    I was thinking of possibly trying Clonetool or Carbon Copy Cleaner to try it

  3. ziggy_909 Says:

    you da man…. nvidea turn of worked a treat..!!!!

  4. Crazthonfry Says:

    Hoy you disable the nforceata chipset? im triying whit kalyway but always get an error whit the Nforce

  5. George Says:

    I’ve been trying to get mine going for days!! Can’t believe I had not seen this guide before ! Thanks a million.

    Crazthonfry – press F2 on boot and in intergrated thing there is a sata something enabled…If you have an nforce chipset you’ll work it out πŸ™‚

  6. Gerry Chong Says:

    10.5.2 works great on the K8NSc nForce3 250. However, it could be even better if not for the lack of a working AGPGart. Those with this setup, check your Graphics info in profiler. See whether it’s detected as PCI or AGP.

  7. Sajjad Says:

    Firstly, the word is “Hackintosh”, not “Hackentosh”.
    Lastly, I dont have any IDE HDD so can I also Install on SATA using same method as mentioned here?

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