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S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Clear Skies has suffered a release delay…. The day of retail release. Reasons are not known yet, however a new release day of September 15 has been announced.

Ubi Soft is offering Far Cry for free to those whom pre-order Far Cry 2 ($49.95).

In a similar move, Electronic Arts will be giving away a game as a preorder incentive. Those who order Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3
will be able to download Command and Conquer Red Alert 2 for free.

EA also announced that, to
celebrate the 13th anniversary of the Command and Conquer series, it
will be offering the original Command & Conquer: Red Alert for free
to everyone
. The game will become available at 12:00 a.m. PT Sunday, August 31, at the official Red Alert 3 site,

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Comcast to Enforce Bandwith Usage

It seems the Nazi’s have broken barriers once again…. Sourced from Yahoo! News:

Comcast will begin capping subscribers bandwith usage to 250 GB per month for all residential accounts. This is equivalent to 50 million e-mails or 124 standard-definition movies.

“If a customer exceeds more than 250 GB and is one of the heaviest data users who consume the most data on our high-speed Internet service, he or she may receive a call from Comcast’s Customer Security Assurance (CSA) group to notify them of excessive use,” according to the company’s updated Frequently Asked Questions on Excessive Use. Customers who top 250 GB in a month twice in a six-month timeframe could have service terminated for a year. Comcast said up to 99 percent of its 14 million Internet subscribers would not be affected by the new threshold, which it said would help ensure the quality of Internet delivery is not degraded by a minority of heavy users.

Microsoft updates Windows XP Pro anti-piracy tool

Microsoft is starting to roll out a new version of its Windows Genuine Advantage (WGA) software for Windows XP Pro.

The new version of WGA will work much like the anti-piracy software implemented in Windows Vista. Your PC will not be immediately disabled if it fails the WGA check. Rather when you login you’ll see a black desktop background instead of your background of choice. You can change the background, but every 60 minutes it will reset itself to black.

There will also be a warning notice that you cannot make go away unless you enter a valid Windows license key.

Nvidia Forceware Updateded With PhysX

Nvidia Beta Forceware 177.92


Nvidia has released a new Beta Forceware 177.92 driver for Windows XP and Vista. These drivers are for GeForce 6, 7, 8, 9 and 200 series graphics cards. These drivers provide support for Nvidia PhysX and include a new 8.08.18 PhysX driver as part of the package. Importantly, aside from a range of fixes, the drivers have notable performance improvements in a range of games including Assassin’s Creed, CoD4, ET:QW, CoH and BioShock, particularly in DX10 mode, both in single card and SLI configurations.

Linux: Join a Windows Workgroup in Ubuntu

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Upon recently deploying Linux (Ubuntu v4.10 beta), the first task I had in mind was to be able to network with my Windows workstations. I had no problem what so ever connecting to the computers in my home, but I could not figure out how to actually join the MSHOME group. Come to find, it is an easy task…. Laughable once figure out

To join a Windows Workgroup (MSHOME, etc)
  1. Go to the “System” menu
  2. Go to “Administration
  3. Select “Network
  4. Go to the “General” tab
  • Host Name: What you want your computer to be named on the network
  • Domain: equivilant to WORKGROUP in Windows. Put your workgroupo here (ex: MSHOME)

Linux: gOS 3

gOS (Google Operating System) is many things compared to other Linux distributions. It is user friendly. It is packed with free programs. It is stable. It is secure. It is fast. Even more noticeable already is that it is the best operating system to clone and feel like Mac OS X. Aside from the Mac feel and Linux key points, gOS is widget driven.

Out of the box, gOS showcases Google Widgets including gMail, calendar, documents, desktop engine, Google gears, and more, to seamlessly integrate the web to your desktop. Also within the initial installation comes the WINE (to run Windows applications within Linux), OpenOffice Suite, Skype, Firefox, and more.

gOS can be ran from a CD without even installing to your computer. You always have the option of installing to your computer anytime.

Here is a little info for those with more than average Linux knowledge. gOS can install many more applications due to being based on Ubuntu, meaning that Ubuntu repositories and themes will install in gOS without issues. Unlike the common formats of desktop engines in the UNIX universe being KDE and GNOME, gOS showcases a combination of GNOME, Compiz Fusion, the Avant Window Navigator, and a bit of Enlightenment E17 code.

gOS also released a version earlier this year sporting MySpace entitled “gOS Space“.

Download gOS 3 @

Download gOS Space @

Anno 1404 in 2009

Anno 1404, follow up to Anno 1701, is coming to PCs in 2009, and even at this stage of development, it is looking quite promising.

1404 boasts a new engine to showcase the great rts gameplay of the Anno series. The combination of new cultures and richly detailed new landscapes will be sure to appeal to fans of the series. The game is being developed to support a broad range of medium to high-end PCs.