Vista: the Mojave Experiment

Say what you will about Windows Vista. Forget what you have heard. Forget what you have read. Have you seen it for itself? Have you even seen the differences since the release of Service Pack 1?

Every since the release of Vista, I have had clients purchase new OEM systems that came with a variation of Vista. Many of them have asked if I could revert the system back to Windows XP…. Sometimes it is possible, sometimes it is not; it all depends on the hardware and driver availability. Now my simple answer is: Why would you WANT to go back to XP when your machine was built to handle Vista?

I do admit: I had no use for Vista or the problems associated with it until September of 2007, which brought many performance and hardware related fixes. Even then I did feel there was more improvement needed, so I only ran it as a secondary operating system. I am proud to announce that I have been freed of Windows XP every since the release of Vista Service Pack 1…. meaning Vista is the ONLY operating system I use on my primary machine and I strongly recommend it.

We have heard the many cry and ramble about how much they hate Vista and do not use it every since the release…. But have they even given Vista another shot since Service Pack 1 was released, bringing many performance, security, and stability tweaks? Most likely not….

But Microsoft have.

Microsoft has been conducting consumer surveys asking why people do not like Vista. The consumer is then invited to test drive the unreleased beta and give their thoughts on it, for quality assurance. So far, all of the consumers seem more happy with the new beta as oppose to Windows Vista.

The catch: they are test driving Vista the whole time.

Check it out for yourself at

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