Vista: the Mojave Experiment

Say what you will about Windows Vista. Forget what you have heard. Forget what you have read. Have you seen it for itself? Have you even seen the differences since the release of Service Pack 1?

Every since the release of Vista, I have had clients purchase new OEM systems that came with a variation of Vista. Many of them have asked if I could revert the system back to Windows XP…. Sometimes it is possible, sometimes it is not; it all depends on the hardware and driver availability. Now my simple answer is: Why would you WANT to go back to XP when your machine was built to handle Vista?

I do admit: I had no use for Vista or the problems associated with it until September of 2007, which brought many performance and hardware related fixes. Even then I did feel there was more improvement needed, so I only ran it as a secondary operating system. I am proud to announce that I have been freed of Windows XP every since the release of Vista Service Pack 1…. meaning Vista is the ONLY operating system I use on my primary machine and I strongly recommend it.

We have heard the many cry and ramble about how much they hate Vista and do not use it every since the release…. But have they even given Vista another shot since Service Pack 1 was released, bringing many performance, security, and stability tweaks? Most likely not….

But Microsoft have.

Microsoft has been conducting consumer surveys asking why people do not like Vista. The consumer is then invited to test drive the unreleased beta and give their thoughts on it, for quality assurance. So far, all of the consumers seem more happy with the new beta as oppose to Windows Vista.

The catch: they are test driving Vista the whole time.

Check it out for yourself at


Film News for Gamers and Comic Fans

While us true fans have mixed emotions over game or comic to film conversions due to bad adoptions (Alone in the Dark, Ultraviolet, etc), there does seem to be hope in the horizon for titles worth Hollywood transformation, and some that should not….

Variety Magazine revealed that Legendary Pictures (300, Batman Begins) has taken flagship over the God of War film. Brett Ratner (X-Men: The Last Stand, the Rush Hour series) has been attached to direct Universal’s God of War, along with David Self (Road to Perdition, The Haunting) as screen writer.

New Line Cinema (do we need to list past projects?) is head over the Gears of War adoption bringing director Len Wiseman (Live Free or Die Hard; Underworld: Evolution) as well as writers Chris Morgan (Wanted; The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift) and Stuart Beattie (Collateral; 30 Days of Night).

Hugh Jackman (Lord of the Rings trilogy, King Kong) might have something to deliver. And he did at the E3 expo. He presented a pseudo trailer of X-Men Origins: Wolverine, which looks to revive the franchise after the smudgy X3.

Uwe Boll did all of us a favor this year: he did NOT show up with bad news at this years expos. However, this makes us ultimately curious to see what he has in mind to destroy next. As we all know, Postal has been a great FAILURE commercially and critically. We also know that FarCry was slated for a 2008 release, but the status has not been updated since April 2008. It is rumored on IMDB that FarCry will be a DVD release…. Uwe Boll should rest assured that the pirates do not even want to leave the theater with a camcorder copy of his films, so he is well protected from piracy attempts and the Internet (lmao).

Punisher: War Zone arrives in theaters on December 5th later this year.. The script has gone through numerous revisions, however the latest draft was finished by Matt Holloway and Art Marcum, who both wrote the script for Iron Man. View the trailer here. While this Punisher seems to be the most brutal of all, the trailer gives it the sense of a B-film action flop (imo).

Robocop in 2010? Has this not already failed? Three times so far?

AMAZING. Out of 124,766 votes on IMDB atm, the Dark Knight has a score of 9.5  :O  The film has already broke theatrical sales records world wide.

We are given a first hand look at what to expect as Mark Wahlberg fills the role of Max Payne, our hell bent cop who seeks revenge against those whom murdered his family. Check it out below!


Portable Linux: NimbleX

Not often do I speak or write or Linux variations at all, as I feel that if some one had any interests in Linux that they would already be well aware of the recent developments. However, this one is more geared toward those who have no idea what Linux is. Source: Download Squad

Download NimbleX for free at

How much awesome can you cram into a 200MB live CD? A whole lot. NimbleX comes with 550 packages preinstalled, and you’ll find the usual Linux apps here: Firefox, K3B, XMMS, MPlayer, Gimp, Kopete, Transmission, Klam AV, and K Office, to name a few. Boot times are wicked fast, even from CD, and installation to a hard drive or USB flash drive is dead simple.

Desktop performance is equally impressive, even on our shabbily-equipped VirtualBox setup (256MB memory, 8MB video, 8GB hard drive). On that note, it’s worth mentioning that NimbleX also comes with VirtualBox installed just in case you decide you want to get Windows XP running in it.NimbleX is built on Slackware, which means you’ll be running one of the most solid, secure distros out there (here come the arguments from hardcore Linux users). Hardware support is excellent, and Bluetooth works out-of-the-box. Don’t like the default KDE 4 environment? Enlightenment 17, Enlightenment 16, EDE, IceWM, Fluxbox, Openbox and TWM are also included.

If that’s not enough, you can customize your own ISO on their website. Check a few boxes to specify what you want to do with your install, and you’re given tons of optional components to add to your ISO. OpenOffice, Wine, Blender – you name it, you can add it. It’s an unbelievably cool way to get your hands on a Linux live CD that has exactly the apps you want. For 200MB, the average person looking to try Linux will be hard pressed to find a nicer distro.

Top Seller #4: DIABLO BC

Wow…. Truly amazing….

Blizzard’s Diablo Battle Chest (featuring Diablo and Diablo 2), originally released in 2003, has now appeared on the weekly charts for three weeks straight–a feat attributed to the unveiling of Diablo 3.

The Diablo Battle Chest was #4 in this week’s best sellers list. It was passed by Nancy Drew (wtf?), and Spore Creature Creator (expected), and the Sims 2 (same old shit… new expansion).

Direct X 11 Details

My thoughts: Less and less do I find myself paying any care (or money) to developers latest projects…. as I feel I have wasted enough interests and money already on poor technologies…. but this from Tweak Guides:

Microsoft has officially announced details of DirectX 11.0, the successor to the current DirectX 10 API. DirectX 11.0 will be backwards compatible with DX 10/10.1 hardware, will be Vista-only, and will allow for a range of additional features including support for tessellation, multi-threaded resource handling improvements and use of the GPU as a parallel processor. A release date is not yet provided.