Valve / Steam News

There is so much constantly evolving via the Steam Network.

Day of Defeat: Source 2 Beta

Valve has been running the Day of Defeat: Source 2 Beta via Steam. It is based on the Source 2 SDK and features 51 achievements for DoD, player avatar display in the scoreboard and win panel, and detailed player statistics integrated with the Steam Community features (, as well as “nemesis/revenge” freeze cams and new effects driven by the particle system introduced to the Source engine for Team Fortress 2.

The final release will be merged and take over existing Day of Defeat: Source installations.

Source 2007 SDK Beta:

A new Source SDK Beta was released on June 11. It includes a Particle Editor, Material Editor, and Commentary Editor, Updated SDK source code for Orange Box mods, and example particle system files to SDK content.

Known issues: SDK shaders have not yet been updated for Orange Box games, but New editors can be accessed by adding ‘-tools’ to the launch options for Orange Box games or mods utilizing the Orange Box engine

What this means for players: it is time to buy the Orange Box reguardless of love for Episodes, Portal, or TF2. This is due to the fact that awsome mods will be created utilizing and requiring the Orange Box SDK (aka Source 2007).

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