Hackers, Slackers, and Techies

Upon taking your computer to the local computer shop to receive it’s much needed tune up or disaster solution, you may be curious as to who exactly is going to provide your system the tender, loving, care that it deserves. Most scary is being curious as to wether your computer will receive any tender, loving care before you return for the pick up and payment process.

Could it be the young geek boy that appears as if he could only provide this following tutorials in his latest newsstand copy of PC World? Could it be the older man that looks as if he might have known more about computers 30 years ago, because he seems as if he could have helped developed yesterday’s modern technology? Or could it maybe be the middle aged young man nicely groomed and tailored with a good sense of personality and people skills?

Unfortunately, there is no way possible to sum up the technical ability of your local repair man by appearance.

Throughout my years of specializing in technological services, I have worked with many individuals with various personality types and I have concluded that I can boil down their technical abilities into one of three categories: Hacker, Slacker, or Techie.

The Hacker type seems to be the most common. The hacker type knows a little about many subjects, mostly knowing where to get tools, utilities, and scripts to aid him in computer repair. The hacker type solely relies on pre-made resources, as he does posses the ability to research, but unfortunately he does not posses the ability to think on his own terms to aid him in scenarios.

The Slacker type is also a not so rare personality. The slacker is usually burnt out and tired of performing his duties and most likely does not enjoy his profession as he did years before. The slacker may install Windows, but choose not to take the time to update Windows. The slacker keeps his repair methods simple and quick as possible. This is the most careless of the three personalities.

The Techie is the most resourceful agent that a local shop could employ. The techie is the one of the three that will take more time to complete any task, ensuring that it is done correctly and with the upmost motivation the first time. The techie will update your Windows installation. The techie will offer you an anti-virus and firewall solution. The techie will ask you questions about what exactly you desire, as oppose to the hacker or slacker types.

Keep this in mind next time your computer deserves some tender, loving care at your local computer shop: If your represenative does not ask you questions about what you desire and protection methods, go elsewhere to another shop that will.


2 Responses to “Hackers, Slackers, and Techies”

  1. Denny Says:

    Interesting hypothesis. One point of interest though, is it just me or is there very little difference between the hacker type and techie type? I mean beside from the fact that you worded the hacker definition to make them look like the bad guy and worded the techie definition to make them look like the good guy. And I believe your experience will differ with the same person, depending on how you treat your computer. If its obvious that you do not take care of your computer and do not give it the maintenance it requires, then there is a very good chance they will not treat you with the same respect as a customer that treats their computer like a proper tool and gives it regular maintenance. But then again this applies to any services that you may encounter in life, such as mechanics, accountants and even barbers.

  2. Casey Andrews Says:

    Well, I was referring to those that only go with provided resource solutions as the “hacker” type…. These are the guys that have to wait for torrent trackers to release anything they use, and use 3rd party tools to do everything

    I suggest the “techie” type would be more self-applying in their quests for resources and modes of operations. This may be patching a Windows installation CD personally, creating custom registry tweaks, etc.

    I would not so much suggest that there is anything personally good or evil about either. “Hacker” is not a bad term…. I feel it more as a title that should be appreciated as much as techie.

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