Gamers Make Better IT Pros

Here is an article I wrote for a Half-Life 2 mod database in 2005… Funny how differences in time do not matter nor wash away on the internet. I wrote this after debating over a “Video Game Violence” conversation.


In today’s world, information technology is at the cutting edge leading us into the future. Most of these leaders are young individuals, possessing greater motivation and potential than the ones before them.

It would not be an underestimate to suppose that half of the IT positions are possibly filled by gamers, or that most IT professionals could admit that multimedia activity spawned their interests in computer technology.

The same element that causes some individuals to revert to real world violence seems to spawn intelligence upon others.

How could I come up with such a theory? Simple…. Gamers have a tendency to learn all they can about hardware and software optimization so that they can achieve the most effective performance possible. This makes them highly fluent to repairs and upgrades as well, due to the fact that the hard core gamer seemingly always needs the newest cutting edge hardware components.

So how do these skills affect these “gaming gurus” in the real world? As an up most achievement. The gaming guru usually has no problem being recruited to IT positions as they easily surpass the position requirements on a daily basis.

Many IT positions in the job market have gone as far as requiring applicants to require experience in place of education. This is mainly due to the individual’s technique of self-teaching. Self-teaching shows that the individual posses motivation toward learning. This also demonstrates that an individual is more acceptable to finding their way out of a situation by means of self-research. This may also be due to the fact that there are many tech schools that offer the A+ course without the students ever opening a computer at all.

Gaming also spawns interests in other categories. There have been aspiring young gamers that started as modders for games and found interests in real world programming by doing so. There have also been young gamers to learn game mapping that have found direction to CAD based careers.

What is so bad about that? Nothing at all. However, at the same time, there are many gamers that choose to utilize video game violence in a real world strategy. These individuals are weak minded individuals. As with any prescription medication, some have positive effects while others have the reverse. Video games are no different.

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