Best of Craig’s List

We all know of Craig’s List by now… I could only hope. Craig’s List is the ultimate classified based directory that allows free posting and local directories. There is everything in there: things for sale, things wanted, jobs, singles ads, more, more, more. But have you ever seen the “Best of Craig’s List” section? It is filled with the most bizarre and hilarious ad’s of all. Here are some selections:

  1. To the guy sailing across Mission Bay with a porch umbrella
  2. Reactions to small (censored here)
  3. BOX OF 60+ DOLL HEADS!!!!!
  4. To the owner of the dog who took a shit outside my apartment building

There are plenty more (thousands) refreshed daily. Go check them out here.


29% of Vista crashes caused by NVIDIA drivers

originally from Download Squad by Brad Linder Mar 28th 2008

  If you were an early adopter of Windows Vista, there’s a pretty good chance you became familiar with one of Vista’s coolest new features: an automatic crash reporting utility that will recommend solutions if and when they become available. Or to put it another way, if you tried running Windows Vista on many machines, there was a good chance your computer crashed. A lot. Even if the manufacturer had slapped a shiny new label proclaiming the computer to be "Vista Capable."

  There’s a class action suit working its way through the courts to determine whether Microsoft changed the definition of "capable" to help Intel sell computers. But some of the documents released in the case (PDF link) are interesting in their own right. For example, Microsoft has a chart that lists identified causes of Windows Vista crashes during an unspecified period in 2007.

  The folks at Ars Technica took it upon themselves to convert that data into the pretty chart you see above. The number one culprit graphics chip maker NVIDIA, a company that had a difficult time updating its graphics drivers for the new operating system. Next up is Microsoft itself, and really there’s no good excuse for that, is there?

Photoshop Express Now Free!

You shot it. Now do something to it. Crop, rotate, tweak, twirl, correct, and show off photos on Photoshop Express or Facebook. For free!

Adobe introduces Photoshop Express, a free to use browser based version of Photoshop. Photoshop Express is available for free featuring 2 gigabytes of storage. Flash 9 is required.

Gibson Files Over Rock Band and Guitar Hero

My Thoughts: I have never played Rock Band or Guitar Hero, but I have played Guitar for many years now. This is absolutely absurd. Fuck Gibson.

Originally By Tom Magrino, GameSpot / Mar 24, 2008 11:28 am PT

Although Harmonix moved on from the Guitar Hero series after wrapping development on Rocks the 80s, Gibson Guitar Inc. hasn’t forgotten the developer’s involvement in putting the rhythm genre on the map. In the latest twist in Gibson’s ongoing patent spat with the billion-dollar rhythm game genre, the guitar manufacturer has filed a patent-infringement suit against Guitar Hero and Rock Band creators Harmonix and its publishing partners Electronic Arts and MTV Networks.

Thursday’s filing is the latest development in Gibson’s quest to continue to cash in on the burgeoning rhythm game genre. In January, Gibson notified Activision that the Guitar Hero franchise was in violation of a patent the guitar manufacturer filed in 1999. Reminiscent of virtual-reality setups as envisioned in the ’90s, Gibson’s patent calls for a “head-mounted 3D display that includes stereo speakers” by which musicians can simulate a concert using an instrument. As per the patent, the prerecorded concert would play while musicians accompany the concert on their own instruments.

Following Gibson’s request for Activision to either license the device or cease sales of Guitar Hero products, Activision filed suit with the US District Court of Central California to invalidate Gibson’s patent and prevent the guitar maker from seeking damages. As grounds for its suit, Activision claimed that Gibson’s suit was motivated by the publisher cutting its marketing and support agreement, and also noted that Gibson’s three-year delay in not pursuing the patent has granted Activision an implied license. Gibson responded to the suit last week by attempting to force the publisher’s hand, taking to court many retailers who sell Guitar Hero products in an attempt to yank the game off of store shelves.

Gibson has yet to file any formal complaint against Activision, a spokesperson representing the publisher confirmed for GameSpot.

Gibson isn’t waiting to drop the gloves with Activision’s former partner on Guitar Hero, given that the guitar maker challenged EA, MTV, and Harmonix on Thursday in the US District Court of Middle Tennessee over the Guitar Hero franchise through Rocks the 80s, as well as Rock Band. According to the suit, Harmonix and its distribution partners are infringing on Gibson’s aforementioned patent, and the guitar maker is seeking an injunction that would halt the sale of the Harmonix-created products as well as award damages and legal expenses.

In a statement addressing the suit, Gibson said, “This new lawsuit relates to the same US patent involved in the lawsuit filed by Gibson Guitar recently against various retailers in the same court. Gibson Guitar had made good faith efforts to enter into a patent license agreement with the defendants in this case. The defendants have not responded in a timely manner with an intent to enter into negotiations for a patent license agreement. Gibson Guitar had no alternative but to bring the suit, and it will continue to protect its intellectual property rights against any and all infringing persons.”

EA, MTV, and Harmonix were quick to respond to the allegations. “This lawsuit is completely without merit and we intend to defend [against] it vigorously,” said a Harmonix spokesperon in a statement. “Gibson’s patent, filed nearly 10 years ago, required a 3D display, a real musical instrument, and a recording of a concert. Rock Band and Guitar Hero are completely different: among other things they are games, require no headset, and use a controller only shaped like a real instrument. It is unfortunate that Gibson unfairly desires to share in the tremendous success enjoyed by the developers of Rock Band and Guitar Hero.”

Email Pollution

Here is something a little different: I am going to share some of my privacy. Here are some of the bullshit emails I have been getting and my thoughts on the issue. I would also like to thank Yahoo for their intelligent spam filtering protocol:

Subject: meet someone that will take your breath away

My Thoughts: the Marlboro girl ???

Subject: Meet local singles

My Thoughts: Well, I can go to the bar and meet 3 of them: Jennifer, Jennifer, and Jennifer….

Subject: How to obtain longer, harder erections

Subject: buy now Viagra (Sildenafil) 50mg x 60 pills

My Thoughts: Obviously, they do not know me as I do not have these problems

Subject: Microsoft Office ready to download

My Thoughts: Yes, I already know that. It is called Bit Torrent.

Subject: I wanted to break up a rival’s relationship by having sex with his/her partner.

My Thoughts: How is that working for ya ?

Subject: Drop up to 20 pounds in a day

My Thoughts: That would kill me in 5 days.

Subject: This site can help you start feeling better right away!

My Thoughts: A few sites do that. To my surprise this was not pornographic: the site was trying to sell herbal products.

Streaming TV For Free

Prime Time Rewind (http://Prime Time is a 100% completely legal and free streaming TV service showcasing networks including NBC, Fox, CBS, USA, TNT, and ABC.

Here you can watch re-runs of your favorite shows including Bionic Woman, Heroes, CSI, Numb3rs, Monk, Charmed, and many more.