Next Windows Released for Beta

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Microsoft has recently released the Windows 7 beta test to selected partners.  It is labeled as Windows 7 Milestone 1.

Reports indicate that Windows 7 features a face lift to Windows Media Center, once it’s own Windows variation, then included with editions of Windows Vista.  Conformations that the new WMC included in Windows 7 has any relation to Windows Fiji have yet to been confirmed.  Windows Fiji was announced to be the successor of the independent Windows Media Center (2002 / 2005) operating system.

Other known features to come in Windows 7 include the ability to run multiple graphics cards simultaniously, wether they are compatible or not. This may mean that a user can pair an nVidia graphic card with an ATI graphic card together, without the need of configuring Crossfire or SLI technology. Again, this has not been confirmed.

Windows 7 shall also include MinWin, which is designed to reduce the need for the user interface and maintain better memory usage (a tech demo reported a memory useage of 40 MB of ram). It has been demonstrated as a command line based operation.

Speculations are that Windows 7 will be publically availiable in early to late 2009, as oppose to the former schedule of 2010.  Beta testing can be estimated to begin in the likes of quarter 3 or 4 of this year. Windows 7 will be availiable in both 32-bit and 64-bit variations.

The Future of Other Windows Variations:

While Windows 7 is being developed, Windows XP Service Pack 3 and Windows Vista Service Pack 1 are still scheduled to be released in the coming weeks.  Release candidates are available to the public at the current time.  Windows Server 2008 is still under development

4 Responses to “Next Windows Released for Beta”

  1. Josh R Says:

    Hello, I’d like to test W7 but cannot find out where to sign up for the beta testing program, like I did with Windows Vista RC1 and RC2. Can someone please point me in the proper direction? Thanks

  2. Casey Andrews Says:

    I would too but it seems that all of the torrent communities are 1 release behind….

    Most unfortunate is that the latest release contains the most changes.

  3. Bernard smith Says:

    I was wondering if the opportunity to be a beta tester was available for anyone or just a selected few because I think I would enjoy being a candidate. From all of the new that I have heard concerning the new features I believe it will be a good experience.

  4. Casey Andrews Says:

    Me too, but there has not been a public beta yet, and it seems to be closed tightly

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