Microsoft Leaks Windows 7 Details Through Blogging

In the Microsoft world, there is a small team of developers with access to Windows 7, the follow up edition of Windows Vista.  Therefore under NDA (non-disclosure agreement), it would be very unlikely that any of them would risk their employment posistion to reveal details about the Windows 7 project.

Surfacing through is “Shipping Seven” with the tagline “Random thoughts from somebody working on the next Windows OS”.  It is maintained by the alias Soma.  One visitor commented: Doh. So this is an anonymous blog? At first I thought “Soma” was “S. Somasegar” of the Developer Division at Microsoft 🙂

There are reasons to believe that this employee may be real or fictional.  Detailed technical aspects of previous versions of Windows are examined intelligently.  The most recent posting (as of Jan. 17, 2008) includescomparison that Microsoft and Mac run circles to copy each other, especially as many Microsoft employees started out developing Apple.  There are claims that Soma was developing a feature for Windows 7 that has made it’s way in to Mac Leopard, in which he only noted that the feature is included in this list.  His personal note on the similarity of development is “seriously, it is not the most headline-grabbing thing in that 300 list. It is a pretty handy feature, though”.  IT Professionals can only wonder if it could be UNIX integration (as with Vista Enterprise), virtual desktop emulation, or full speed Mac emulation (as Mac does for Windows XP and Vista).

Highlight postings include:

Overall I feel that this blog movement is too friendly and revealing to be real… It seems more like a new approach to marketing and developing IT professional interests, as recent XP and Vista movements have been un-popular with the tech communities.  Time will tell, and official details will be released.

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