Net inSite: Hack This Site

Define hack…. If you actually look in the dictionary you may be surprised by what the definitions really are. Basically to hack is to skillfully devise or modify (mainly in terms of a a computer program).

Basic examples of hacking: When you use HTML code to display a theme on MySpace, you are using a hack. MySpace was not meant to display the theme as we are able to do therefore it is a modification, or a hack. Windows does many things the way it was programmed to, but with enough playing we can customize Windows to do things the way we want it to. Gamers even hack the games by using the content that helps program a certain game and changing it, sometimes even creating a totally new game from the resources exploited (referred more as modding).

Hack is only a bad act when we use these exploits or modifications to do harm upon another system, typically one that is not ours.

But there are more ethical methods of hacking, even so that colleges and universities offer the course. “Ethnical Hacking” is the title for hacking that involves network security. The best way to protect a network or a web site from outsiders is to figure out how to hack it, by means of looking for loopholes and leaks that may trigger exploits from an outsider. Knowing how to hack and how to find these flaws can aid in protecting against them.

And that is what is about: ethical hacking. Here you are presented lessons and then then the test as a hands on experience in learning. The server that HTS resides on was built for one sole purpose: to hack away. Learning amateur members may be able to change the mainframe of the site, deface the banner, or who knows what else. is free after registration and possibly one of the best sites of its kind. HTS recommends the Firefox web browser, also free here.

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